Design Automation Lab

The Möbius Ecosystem

A web-based ecosystem for parametric modelling.


The Möbius Ecosystem encompasses various open-source tools and libraries for supporting spatial computational thinking. At the core of this ecosystem is Möbius Modeller, a parametric modelling application for the web.

Möbius Modeller, showing the flowchart and a 3D model in the geospatial viewer.

The Möbius Ecosystem has been developed by the Design Automation Laboratory , at the National University of Singapore.

The Director of the Design Automation Lab and the Principal Investigator for the Mobius development is Assoc. Professor Patrick Janssen.

Möbius Modeller can be customised to different domains by developing specialized function libraries and specialized viewers. Contact us if you are interested in applying the Möbius Modeller in your domain.