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The Möbius Ecosystem

A web-based ecosystem for parametric modelling.

Möbius MOOC Generator

The Möbius MOOC Generator is a Python library for streamlining the process of creating Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on the Edx platform.

The user writes the content for the MOOCs as a series of markdown files, saved in a hierarchical folder structure that reflects the MOOC content structure. These files can be developed collaboratively, using existing tools such as Git version control. This makes the process of creating and managing the MOOC content more efficient.

The Möbius MOOC Generator library is then used to process the markdown files, and to generate a single zip file containing all the data required to generate the whole course. This zip files can be imported into the Edx MOOC, which will create the complete MOOC.

Importing a Möbius MOOC zip file within the Edx platform .
The resulting course content, automatically generated from the zip import.

Embedding Möbius Modeller

The generator supports the ability to embed Möbius Modeller directly into the MOOC pages. This allows learners to interact with 3D spatial models directly in the MOOC web pages.

A Möbius Modeller example embedded directly into the MOOC web page.


MOOCs created using the Möbius MOOC Generator:

Source Code

Source code is available on Github.