Design Automation Lab

The Möbius Ecosystem

A web-based ecosystem for parametric modelling.

Möbius Consultancy

The tools in the Möbius Ecosystem can be adapted to many different use case. For example, Möbius Modeller can be customised to different domains by developing specialized function libraries and specialized viewers.

Contact us if you are interested in applying any of the tools in The Möbius Ecosystem.

Rapid Urbanism Explorer

The Rapid Urbanism Explorer is an Augmented Intelligence (AI) Platform to support decision makers in developing new urban districts in advanced ways. Rapid iterative virtual prototyping empowers stakeholders to produce complex urbanization scenarios integrating spatial, temporal, socioeconomic and environmental parameters in real time.

RUE Graphical User Interface: planning inputs left, spatial model center, financial performance and impact metrics right.
3D Spatial Model generated through the integration of Möbius Modeller.

The Rapid Urbanism Explorer is a collaborative project by Rapid Urbanism and The Initiative for Advanced Urbanization and Artificial Intelligence (IAUAI)

The software prototypes of Rapid Urbanism Explorer web application were developed in collaboration with Design Automation Lab at the National University of Singapore (model coding), and Code the Future (platform development), with support of The Hilti Foundation. In partnership with Habitat for Humanity, the beta is scheduled for pilot-testing in the Philippines.

Source Code

Source code for Rapid Urbanism Explorer is available on Github.