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The Möbius Ecosystem

A web-based ecosystem for parametric modelling.

Möbius Filestore

Möbius Filestore is a cloud-based file system for Möbius files. The filestore is used in Möbius Modeller (version >= 0.8), when Möbius scripts are published to the web using the ‘upload to cloud’ option.

For all files in the filestore, the filename is generated by creating a unique hash based on the file contents. If multiple people upload the same file, no duplicate files are created.

The files in the filestore have public read access. This means that anyone with the URL for the file can download that file.

All files in the filestore are saved for 1 year, after which they are automatically deleted. If a file is uploaded multiple times, then the 1 year expiry date will be calculated based on the last time the file was uploaded. Files mistakenly uploaded to the filestore can only be deleted through special request.

The Möbius Filestore is deployed on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing platform.

Source Code

Source code is private.