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The Möbius Ecosystem

A web-based ecosystem for parametric modelling.

Möbius Modeller

Möbius Modeller is at the core of the Möbius Ecosystem.

Möbius Modeller is an open-source web application for parametric modelling. The app allows users to create modelling procedures using visual programming techniques, combining flowcharts with drag-and-drop fill-in-the-blanks coding. The models can be published as interactive web pages, allowing visitors on the web to explore the models.

Möbius Modeller, with the code editor and VR viewer enabled.


Current stable version:

Next version (under development, not stable):

Previous versions:

Source Code

Source code is available on Github.


The history of Möbius Modeller.

Möbius Geospatial Modeller, version 0.3.x

The Möbius Geospatial Modeller was developed between 2017 and 2018.

The Möbius Geospatial Modeller allowed geo-computational procedures to be developed for creating interactive 3D geospatial datasets.

Various data types can be manipulated, include both geospatial and non-geospatial data. Procedures can be created to combine and augment these dataset, and to the display the result as a 3D geospatial visualization. Möbius Geospatial uses Cesiumjs as a viewer, and turfjs as a modelling library.

Möbius Geospatial Models can be published as interactive web pages that others can visit and explore. This allows users to develop specific data visualizations and narratives, and to then share these with a wide audience. All without requiring any textual scripting.

The Möbius Geospatial Modeller, exploring population density in Singapore.
The Möbius Geospatial Modeller, exploring Dengue fever clusters versus population density in Singapore.
The Möbius Geospatial Modeller, exploring distance to MRT versus population density in Singapore.

Möbius Parametric Modeller, Version 0.2.x

The Möbius Parametric Modeller allows procedures to be developed for generating complex 3D models of buildings and urban neighbourhoods.

The Möbius Parametric Modeller, showing an early stage in modelling London City Hall.

Möbius Modeller Prototype, Version 0.1.x

Möbius Prototype is no longer under development. It is maintained here for historical purposes.

Möbius Prototype tested out the key computational thinking and modelling ideas that were later included in Möbius Geospatial and Möbius Parametric.

The Modeller also included the ViziCities viewer, developed by Prof Paul Waddell and his team at UC Berkeley. The image below shows the ViziCities viewer integrated into Möbius. The procedure shown on the right loops through the 2D building polygons and adds height information. ViziCities is then use to extrude and render the models.

Möbius Modeller 1, showing generation of an urban model.

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