Design Automation Lab

The Möbius Ecosystem

A web-based ecosystem for parametric modelling.

Möbius Courses

Since 2017, the tools in The Möbius Ecosystem have been used to teach Spatial Computational Thinking to thousands of students.

Two types of courses have been developed:

The Spatial Computational Thinking Professional Certificate Programme on Edx.
The three Spatial Computational Thinking MOOCs on Edx: Procedural Modelling, Generative Modelling, and Performative Modelling.

Möbius Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on Edx

A Professional Certificate Programme was developed on teh Edx platform, consisting of four course:

The Professional Certificate Programme has been delivered three times:

Below are the links for the programme and courses on Edx:

Möbius Modules at National University of Singapore (NUS)

2021/2022 Semester 2

2020/2021 Semester 2

2019/2020 Semester 1

2018/2019 Semester 2

2017/2018 Semester 2